We Are The Jacobsons We Are Your Farmers We Are Jacobson Farms

We are first generation farmers with small beginnings. We are proud to be offering to you grass fed and finished beef and lamb. Along with pastured pork and farm fresh eggs! We love farming as a family and it is our mission to raise healthy, quality meat to feed your family. We care for our animals with compassion and always ensuring they are comfortable and in a low stress environment. Our meat is free from any growth hormones, chemicals or antibiotics. 

Everyday we wake up and try our best and give it our all.

We work in harmony with nature by rotational grazing our livestock to improve our soil health and grow healthy plants and grass that create healthy livestock that create healthy meat. 

Our Mission:

Together as a family we love farming. We love living on this land and raising our livestock with hard work and honesty staying true to our roots and creating a legacy for future generations.

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"This is our second time purchasing our meat for the year from Jacobson Farm. Our first year, we bought a quarter and we're just so happy with the quality of the meat, and the lovely customer service from the family. Jenna is our point of contact and she goes out of her way to help us know exactly what we're looking for. She is so friendly, so kind, and just fun to chat with! This year we got a quarter cow, as well as some lamb, pork chops, and brisket. It will last us a year, and taste just as good whether we eat it a week or months after we bring it home. We already cooked up some lamb chops and they were delicious! I had never cooked lamb before and Jenna gave me her recipes, and I quickly realized I should have ordered so much more - seriously amazing. Their farm is beautiful, full of awesome animals and super sweet dogs. (Chester may or may not have stole my heart!) If I lived closer I would go out of my way to find a way to be friends with these people :) I highly recommend Jacobson Farms!"

-Ashley Ross